Vectordash Edge is a peer-to-peer cloud gaming service.

Stream any game from a high-end PC just miles away with near zero latency.

Game on a machine right in your neighborhood.

The machine you game on is often just miles away resulting in near zero latency. No longer will you be stuck using datacenters located thousand of miles away.

We own zero servers.

Vectordash Edge is backed by a network of distributed machines running the Vectordash client. We measure our network latency in the tens of milliseconds resulting in a near native gaming experience.

Focus on gaming, not configuring.

Press a button. Play a game. That's it. You don't have to think about network configuration, setting up virtual mouses or keyboards, or port forwarding. Vectordash Edge takes care of everything.

Get 25 hours of Vectordash Edge for just $19.

Be the first to experience the future of near zero latency cloud gaming.