Become your own cloud provider.

Rent out your Nvidia GPUs to AI researchers.

Earn 3x more than mining the most profitable cryptocurrency.

Put your powerful Nvidia GPUs towards training neural networks, not mining.

The Vectordash Network

Vectordash is powered by a distributed network of trusted GPU providers located across the world. This allows us to focus on providing machine learning researchers with the fastest cloud GPU instances, while also costing an order of magnitude less than other cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. We believe that by drastically reducing the costs of deep learning, more researchers will be able to develop groundbreaking new ideas and advance the field of artificial intelligence.

Becoming a Vectordash Host

By hosting your Nvidia GPUs on Vectordash, you'll earn ~3x more than what you would make mining the most profitable cryptocurrency. It's as simple as running the Vectordash desktop client and selecting an availability end date denoting how long you plan on keeping your machine online. Our desktop client also allows for auto-switching, so while your machine is not being utilized on Vectordash, you can still mine cryptocurrencies allowing you to maximize your GPU’s earnings. If you're interested in becoming a Vectordash host, please fill out this form and we'll email you instructions on how to become a host shortly. Please note that becoming a Vectordash host requires Nvidia 10 series or Titan series GPUs. We do not currently support Nvidia 9 series GPUs or AMD GPUs.

Nvidia GPU Your Earnings

1060 6GB






1070 ti






Titan X



1080 ti



Titan Xp



Titan V



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